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Quick-pack solution to gather the glider into a practical package quickly and to carry it easily to take-off again. It also protect the glider against the harmful effects of the sunlight.
Just grab the handles to carry it up to take-off! Designed by Volkan Övün, patented and registered as Gül Çanta, which means 'Rose Bag'.

* Large enough to accommodate tandem equipment
* Easy to use (simply lay it on the ground, and put your glider into it)
* Specially designed line protection bridge and riser pocket.
* Semi-water proof lighweight strong fabric.
* Reversible, self packing design (no need for an extra packing for the quick-pack itself).

Approx. Weight: 430gr.
Colors: Orange - Black 

Gül Çanta® (Usually known as Quickpack)

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