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I produce paragliding accessories and repair paraglider professionally.  I live in Ankara, Turkey. Accesories which I produce are: Gül Çanta and Para-Kundak, which are designed by me and patented, relax bar, windsock for paragliding/hang gliding, windsock for helicopter ports, streamer, leg strap for GPS/Vario, glider strap, glider bag, helmet bag, risers bag, glider attachment pad for GoPro, prop cover for PPG and rescue container. As of 01.06.2016 I interrupted international market temporarly, since PayPal stopped money transfer services in Turkey. That's why all products seem out of stock in my store.

I'm also active as a paragliding pilot, modeller, model plane pilot, skydiver and glider pilot. I often take part in paragliding accuracy and XC competitions in Turkey, when I'm available.

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