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Maintenance & Repair

I hope that nothing happens to your beautiful glider. But, sometimes a tree root, a stone, an innocent foot step might damage your wing. Don't worry! It's possible to repair, whatever happened.


I change any kind of lines using absolutely original Liros, Edelrid and Cousin lines and repack rescue chutes, as well.


Unfortunately, I can not provide any service to outside Turkey at the moment because of the customs issues.



Periodical Inspections

Glider maintenance and periodical inspections are made with the certificated instruments. Porositymeter, fabric tear machine (Betsometer) and Line Tear Machine (due to EN926-1:4.6.3)

Visual Inspection:

The whole glider is inspected visually on a lighted textile inspection table. With this method, any damage, even a small needle hole can be detected.  After that, glider is hanged on and all lines are inspected one by one for any damages.


Fabric Test Only :

Only glider fabric is tested using porositymeter and betsometer. 


Line Strength Test Only :

A, B, C lines are tested using line tear machine (due to EN926-1:4.6.3). In this test A and B lines are checked due to EN926-1.


Line Lenght Test Only:

This test can be provided only for the gliders, whose line length is given by manufacturer. All lines are checked with a laser telemeter for length differences.


Full Test:

All the tests above are provided.


2. Hand trade expertize test :

In case of demand of buyer and/or seller, second hand trade expertize test can be provided in order to report the general condition of the glider. Fabric test and line tear test are the parts of expertize test.

Test Prices

Full Test                                                     :  300,--TL 

Visual inspection                                         :    80,-- TL

Fabric test only                                           :    40,-- TL

Line tear test only                                       :    35,-- TL

Line lenght test only                                    :   150,-- TL

2. Hand trade expertize test                          :     75,-- TL

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