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Usually known as 'Quickpack'. Designed by Volkan Övün, patented and registered as Gül Çanta. Wach the instruction video in product page

$38.00 + $14.20

Usually known as saussage pack, concertina bag etc. Designed by Volkan Övün, patented and registered as Para-Kundak. Watch the product page for more information.

$38.00 + $14,20

There are two types of Windsocks available. One of them is for paragliding / hang gliding and other is for helicopter ports. Go to products page for more information.

Various Price

Put your vario / GPS on your leg and fly! See more information in product page.

$13.50 + $9.00

Fly with stirrups in order to get into your harness without having to grab the risers or using your hands in any way to get into the seat, which may cause you to fly without actively flying the glider. 


$19.50 + $9.00

Waterproof strong fabric, semi-rigit content to protect blades from hits, a little pocket to put stuff.


$39.50 + $14.00

Durable * Water-proof fabric * Light-weight * Available in two sizes Small and Medium/Large * Applicable to all rescue chutes.


$15.00 + $10.00

Ideal for checking wind direction on take-off. Big enough,  higly visible with flourescent orange color.

$7.50 + $7.00

Put your wing together properly after you collapse it.

$3.90 + $6.00

A bag for putting your glider into. Semi water resist durable fabric.

$12.00 + $10.00

You can protect your risers against dust, mug, etc.

$7.50 + $7.00

You can protect your helmet against dust, mug, strach etc.

$7.50 + $7.00

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